Worship Gatherings

What you can expect:
What you can expect:

How do you welcome new people?
We try to be warm, but never pushy in our welcome. We often host events that offer a casual space for you to find out more about Mercy Road but we don’t manipulate people to join. We think you should connect at your own pace and invite you to chat with our connection desk volunteers or a staff member. If you would like to have a staff member call you to chat let us know by filling out a connection card at a service or dropping us an e-mail at info@mercyroadmn.com.

How long is the service?
Our Sunday services last for 60-70 minutes.

What is the preaching style?
What is the preaching style?

What is the preaching style?
We teach on topics and through books of the Bible in a conversational tone. Our goal is to apply the Bible, and the words of Jesus in particular, to our everyday life. The messages usually last 35 minutes and sometimes include interviews, video clips, and helpful next steps. We value live preaching as opposed to watching a preacher on a screen.

What is the worship music like?

Our live worship music is authentic, God-honoring, and beautiful. Our congregation loves to sing! We often have a full band leading us, yet it is not uncommon to have acoustic times of worship. We keep our kids in the service for the songs so they can watch us model singing our love to God. It’s pretty special, we think, but what matters most is what God thinks.

I’m not very churchy. Will people be judgy?
Mercy Road is made up of Imperfect people who are learning to love God and each other. We’ve all made lots of mistakes. Typically it’s the people who feel like they have it all together who might feel uncomfortable when visiting.

What about giving?
God doesn’t need your money. We often say God doesn’t want something from you, He wants something for you. Many of us have decided to give 10% or more of our income to Mercy Road because we are excited about the impact our church is having and might one day have in inviting people to follow Jesus. That said, we don’t push people to give their money. Our Pastor is not money-motivated and lives debt-free. He gives more than 10% of his income to Mercy Road and often tells people who have baggage around money and church to start giving somewhere even if it is not Mercy Road. You don’t have to give money to belong here because God wants your heart not your money. If you choose to give you can do so in the service but most of us do it online.

Mercy Road has:

  • Amazing Kid’s Church (infants – 5th grade).
  • Communion offered weekly.
  • People to pray with you after the service.
  • Free coffee and refreshments in the café.
  • A stylish and comfortable décor.
  • No dress code or awkward pressure to give.
  • Lives changed by Jesus weekly.