By Andrea Kingsriter

(Ryan, Andrea, and their three children attend Mercy Road Church but have been on an adventure living and working in an RV the past six months. We pray for them, and many have asked about their family, so here is a beautifully written story and peek into their life.)

We didn’t *know* know Ruthie had Down syndrome until she was born. But we got a first inkling of the possibility at around 22 weeks. I’ll never forget getting that phone call, and my midwife asked me if I had any questions. “Probably,” I said, “but right now I have to pick up my son from school.” Mom life doesn’t stop to let you process potentially life-altering information. As I sat in the carpool line, I could see Asher waiting, talking and laughing with his friends. I had no idea what the future held for our family, but I saw my son, with the sweetest spirit of anyone I know, and thought, “ok-we’re going to be fine.” That was and continues to be a sustaining moment for me when things get challenging. Much of the reason we took this crazy journey this year was to invest in our family, and hopefully strengthen their relationships with us and each other. There are many times I find myself *metaphorically* banging my head against the wall, wondering why we walked away from all the comfortable, known things in our lives. And I join the chorus of all the world right now when I say very little is going according to plan. But Ryan and I observe moments like this-ones that we wouldn’t have had if we hadn’t just left the chaos that was swallowing us whole and tried something different for a while-and say to each other, if we gain nothing else from this journey, this is enough for us.

*Also, note that I’ve started making my bed every day-WITH fancy throw pillows and everything (which is just so responsible and, let me tell you, no small feat with an RV bed) and Ruthie’s new favorite activity is just to tear. it. up. Gleefully. Every day. But I persevere.